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Policy Briefs


  • 2013

Improving the Performance of Municipalities through Incentive-Based Grants (820Kb)

Effective Intergovernmental Planning and Budgeting for Better Outcomes (1.7Mb)

Are Conditional Grants Spiralling Out of Control? (1.8Mb)

Poor Maintenance and Renewal Threatens Municipal Service Delivery (268Kb)

Conditions Needed for Effective Devolution of Transport Functions to Municipalities (2.6Mb)

Is the Funding Framework for Higher Education Research Effective? (1.7Mb) 

Rural municipalities struggle to maximise their limited tax base - Current own revenues insufficient to support service delivery mandates in rural municipalities (878Kb)

Moderating Provincial Wage Bill Growth and Enhancing Productivity (331Kb)

  Myths and Facts about the Economic Impacts of Child Support Grants(701Kb)

Detecting Fiscal Distress within Local Government (2.1Mb)

  Assessing and Improving the Fiscal Performance of Provinces in South Africa(541Kb)

  The Financial and Fiscal Implications of Further Education and Training (FET) Function Shift(1.1Mb)


  • 2012

Gender Budgeting: Translating Government Gender Equality Commitments into Reality (699Kb)

  Lack of Capacity is Crippling Delivery of Services in Municipalities(755Kb)

  Getting Creative about Delivery of Municipal Services(543Kb)

  Can Sub-national Expenditure and Revenue Assignments Promote Economic Growth in South Africa?(1.2Mb)

  Making Solid Waste Management in South Africa Sustainable(620Kb)

Optimal Policy Mix for Managing and Financing Disaster Risks in South Africa (494Kb)

Making Vulnerable Communities Resilient to Climate Change through Fiscal Instruments (692Kb)

e-Education is a Crucial Platform for Improving Education in South Africa (583Kb)

  Infrastructure Investment Alone is Insufficient to Meet Job Creation Targets(1.1Mb)


  • 2011

Fiscal Guidelines: Does South Africa Really Need Them? (944Kb)

Can South Africa Attain the Millennium Development Goals by 2015? (980KB)

Assessing the Economic and Fiscal Effects of the New Growth Path (896Kb)

Improving Development and Performance Outcomes of Basic Education and Health (597Kb)

More People, Inferior Services: Understanding the Factors Influencing Municipal Spending (575Kb)

Non-Payment is Crippling Service Delivery in South African Municipalities (678Kb)

60% of Municipal Resources Wasted: Measuring the Efficiency of Local Government Spending (2.59Mb)

The Impact of Unfunded Mandates in South African Intergovernmental Relations (663Kb)

  Economic and Fiscal Costs of inefficient Land-use Patterns   (606Kb)

Environmental Sustainability and Climate Change in the Local Government Sector (598Kb)

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