[picture: Krish Kumar] Mr Krish Kumar, Commissioner (1 March 2013–28 February 2018) Mr Krish Kumar commenced work as a Trainee Accountant with the erstwhile Durban City Council in 1981 and progressed through the ranks to become City Treasurer of the North and South Central Local Councils in 1997. In addition, in 1999 he was appointed City Treasurer of the Durban Metropolitan Council and in 2001 Deputy City Manager: Treasury. Krish is a member of the South African Local Government Association’s (SALGA) finance working group, Fellow (and past President) of the Institute of Municipal Finance Officers (IMFO), Chairperson of the Municipal Chief Financial Officers (CFO) Forum and has served two terms as a member of the Accounting Standards Board. He holds a Master of Administration degree from the University of KwaZulu-Natal.


“For an Equitable Sharing of National Revenue"


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