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2019 2019 Annual Submission

2019/20 Submission for the Division of Revenue

The 2019/20 Financial and Fiscal Commission’s submission is about the difficulties of sustaining equitable economic growth in the face of a constrained fiscal environment. Under the theme of Re-engineering the intergovernmental fiscal relations system for national development in a fiscally constrained environment, focus is on an extensive review of the performance and effectiveness of current intergovernmental fiscal instruments. The submission recommends how fiscal instruments can be re-engineered to better address the eradication of poverty and thereby the reduce inequality. This submission continues with the theme of the 2018/19 Division of Revenue submission with similar assessments of other areas of public finance issues. It reviews the effectiveness and performance of the current intergovernmental fiscal relations (IGFR) system, and makes recommendations to re-engineer current fiscal instruments, incentives and measures to address challenges that may be preventing the achievement of the NDP’s objectives. 

Click here to download the entire document (PDF:4Mb)

  pdf Click here (36.89 MB) (37Mb)


“For an Equitable Sharing of National Revenue"


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