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Welcome to the FFC Library and Knowledge Management Centre


The Library & Knowledge Management Centre (LKMC) of the Financial and Fiscal Commission provides staff and researchers with a quiet environment to catch up on daily news, to track and request information sources, and to peruse the latest journals.

The LKMC forms part of the greater information management (IM) milieu of the organisation. As such, it aligns its policy and functions to the strategic mandate of the FFC, in supporting the realisation of its collective vision and mission.

The Library further carries the responsibility to establish systems to capture the institutional memory of the FFC to ensure that knowledge originated and published by the FFC is collected, consolidated and preserved. In so doing, the LKMC aims to create awareness of the FFC’s dynamic and fundamental role in developing fiscal policy, through the vehicle of enterprise content management (ECM).


Records and Documentation

The internal document collection of the FFC largely consists of completed operational and research outputs and work in progress.

This forms the foundation of the FFC’s corporate memory. Access to these documents is restricted to identified functionaries within the organisation. Other types of access are legislated on a national basis.

The establishment of an enterprise content management (ECM) function will address both electronic and paper documents as well as the management of current operational records.



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